We love games and making them.

Polar Bunny Ltd is a passion-driven game developer located in Joensuu, Finland. Nested inside the Joensuu Science Park, the company has been creating quality content a variety of platforms since 2013. Polar Bunny’s upcoming title Parcel is a thought-provoking multi-character cyberpunk puzzle game which will feature over one hundred unique puzzles and a level editor which enables the amount of playable content to grow to unpredictable numbers.


Early history

Polar Bunny Ltd. was founded in 9th of July, 2013 with a single purpose: to make encompassing entertainment for gamers around the world. The founders consisted of former Tripworks (an educational games company) employees and North Karelia College game development programme alumni, and close ties to surrounding educational institutes were a high priority for Polar Bunny from the very beginning. After going through a lengthy identity-seeking phase, Polar Bunny set its course towards making Parcel, a project it had had in its desk drawer for almost a year.


With the return of the original creators of the “Meatspace Postpeople” prototype that got the company excited about multi-character puzzlers in the first place, Polar Bunny started the production of Parcel in early 2014. At the current state of things, Parcel is set to be released on a variety of platforms in 2015. On 26th of June 2014, Parcel was launched on Steam Greenlight.


To date, Polar Bunny is the go-to place among students attending the game development programmes in the North Karelia region, and the company is proud to live off the creative zeal that gets brought in and let fresh new faces shine. For example, the company’s current main project, Parcel, originally started as a school project of two North Karelia College students (now employees), and a common method of bringing interns in is to allow them to try and make their own prototypes.