Our puzzle game Parcel combines contemplation and co-operation

Parcel is a puzzle adventure game that has you avoiding lasers and solving brain-twisting puzzles in an eerie cyberpunk environment.

  • Enjoy hours of fun – Over 100 levels of adventurous puzzling divided into numerous distinct sectors
  • Alone or with friends – Play the adventure in its entirety either in single-player mode or co-operatively
  • Test your mettle – Several unique characters with their own interesting personalities and special powers to help you solve even the hardest challenges – or to complicate things further
  • Down the rabbit hole – A multi-layered story with a message and cyberpunkish ominousness around one question: what’s in the box and why?
  • Challenge the world – An extensive level editor with endless creation possibilities – make your own puzzles and share them!



For more information, visit Parcel’s official website: http://www.parcelthegame.com